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Gift Box Sprite
Tuner Symphon - Birthday Box by Animela-WolfHybrid
Animela in a Box by Animela-WolfHybrid
Ivocine - Vulnyx in a Box by Animela-WolfHybrid
Ivodince-Zolnixi in a Box 2 by Animela-WolfHybrid
Squirtle - Pokepresent by Animela-WolfHybrid
These little guys have been all wrapped up!
Stick any character in a box of requested colour combination(Bow+Box). If there's any sort of extra decoration wanted, request it.
Simple Animations can be added for an extra 50 points. (Go through Donation Pool)




Artist | Professional | Other
United States
Fennekin Sprite by Animela-WolfHybridTyrantrum Sprite by Animela-WolfHybridXerneas Sprite by Animela-WolfHybridEmber - Project Qitari 1 by Animela-WolfHybridZero - Sylesti Sprite by Animela-WolfHybrid
Hello There, Animela here~!
I am a Professional Pixel Artist and Hobbiest Animator!

Staraptor Licky + Close Combat by Animela-WolfHybridSiamese Kitty Walker by Animela-WolfHybridSplendorman - With Static Extra by Animela-WolfHybridKitty Walker - Zolnixi Test by Animela-WolfHybridSkitty Bounce *Animated Icon* by Animela-WolfHybridOrange Kitty Walker by Animela-WolfHybridLatios Licky /w Space BG by Animela-WolfHybridBlack Kitty Walker with Crescent Moon Marking by Animela-WolfHybrid Epic Lapras Licky Challenge by Animela-WolfHybrid

Few of My favourite Art Pieces:
Who am I? by Animela-WolfHybrid
Animela - In a tree - Redraw by Animela-WolfHybridSassy Moose by Animela-WolfHybrid

Few of My favourite Gift Boxes:
Animela in a Box by Animela-WolfHybridIvocine - Vulnyx in a Box by Animela-WolfHybridScrafty - Pokepresent by Animela-WolfHybridIvodince-Zolnixi in a Box 2 by Animela-WolfHybridUmbreon Pokepresent by Animela-WolfHybridIvodince-Griffi in a Box 2 by Animela-WolfHybrid

I use GIMP and a laptop Mousepad via Windows Vista.

I'm involved in several Fandoms including but not limited to: Pokemon, Digimon, Steven Universe and Adventuretime.
I also Enjoy Minecraft, Food, and Painting.
My apologies for those friends and Acquaintances of whom have been waiting for me for quite some time now.
It appears that I've gone missing for a small period but I will admit my return will still remain just as Active as I have been in these past few months.

To start off, I've been busy with Work and when I'm not busy with work I've been Administrating on a Minecraft Server (Found here) as well as helping to dev a few other much smaller (private) communities. So my time has been much less to spend in the last couple months than one might come to expect.

Secondly, in real life I've been collaborating with two really close friends of mine on a Restaurant that we plan on opening in my local location. Its base is in Chicken along with other goodies such as Soups and desserts. We're close to wrapping up on the planning stages and are kicking into sell mode soon. We plan on opening our first Store in April.

Third: A lack of Motivation. Latly I've been stagnating on things to draw. I have ideas that crop up here and there but then I end up turning them down entirely because I simply don't have the mojo for it. I have been building on Minecraft but there's not much to show here because it's been mostly for my town/public builds and they're more for Function than Design although I can be picky on their final looks. I'll probably post a picture shoot of my Town's current spawn eventually but it's not really much of anything to be concerned over.

My reason for the Return to thinking about Arts and this place though is because the amount of freetime I have has gone up again. I ended up stepping down from my Position as a Shift Manager at the Little Caezers Restaurant after an entire year of keeping the place running. They have a few new managers but those few don't do as much as they should and when they do, it's not done very well. In the end, I ended up keeping on getting in trouble with the owner because I couldn't keep up with the workload being put on me because I was doing everything in my power not to let the store sink. So as a result of stepping down, I have a few more hours in each week to myself. Smaller paycheck but I'm seeing less stress as I don't have to worry about stuff anymore unless I'm told to do it.

Art, Particularly Music and Animation (though I've never combined the two up to this point, Oddly) has always been a thing for me to bring up my Emotions and play out where they should be. I've been doing a lot of music in Noteblocks on minecraft and while it is limited, it still proves to make me happy even with as much effort as it takes to produce each sound.
So the first thing I return to are these. I've never had much motivation for drawing unless some part of it was moving at one point, a lot of this can be seen in my art and seen taken advantage of in commissions.

So the next thing I do will most likely be Animation, something that I've been working with since I was 11.
And while it's not that fancy flash or other programs people love to pay for, I do know over the years I've had massive improvement of movement and fluidity within the frame by frame animation style I've become accustom to.
The next Trick is to find a Project I can settle on. An Idea or two I can branch into and give life from a simple 2d image.

And Maybe Voice Acting since the last community I was in was so very well fond of mine for some odd reason.

To Explain why still as Active as I have been, Animation tends to be... Tedious. I can spend days just working out a short animaniac and then a few weeks on just animation tests to see how a character is supposed to move. I tend not to post these unless requested unless I like how something moves.

Any Suggestions?


Animela-WolfHybrid has started a donation pool!
299 / 3,000

I am a Professional Pixel Artist and Decent Digital artist causally looking to be commissioned.
I accept payment via paypal.

If you need my email to send cash for commission -

Examples in Gallery.

Commissions are Semi-Open.
I will draw if someone takes interest otherwise I'm not actively pursuing Artist/Spriters Positions at this time.

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    Donated Nov 27, 2014, 11:57:50 PM
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    Donated Feb 28, 2014, 6:47:34 PM

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You're free to draw them. Just make sure to tag me in the description as the OC's owner so I can see the end result. c:
I love seeing what people can come up with when they feel a hit of inspiration.
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Meowth sketchdump by Manasurge

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